He's done it again!
Just when you thought you might have heard the last possible word on double weave from Paul O'Connor, he's brought out a new book, and in a new format.

A Tale of Two Tie-Ups (And How They Grew)
describes how the two basic double weave tieups grow first to 14 tieups and then to many hundreds of tieups, most of which can be mixed, stirred, shaken, and combined to create color-and-weave effects in double weave on looms with any number of shafts.

This wonderful CD book is chock full of clear illustrations and photos of actual samples woven by Paul, and the text is Paul's usual detailed discussion of what led him down this path.

In addition to the book itself in PDF format, the CD contains WIF files for all the hundreds of possible ways of tying up for color-and-weave effect double weave.

                                        by Ruth Blau

Paul R. O'Connor Double Weave
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