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It started in the 1990s and in a roundabout way contributes to the founding of WeaveTech It's a convoluted tale and may not be all that interesting.

Based on an article by Ruth Blau published in Weaver's, I created a yarn calculation spreadsheet --the flagship of what has now grown to a workbook including:

List of yarns, their yardage, and suggested setts. Along with formulas for determining ypp when the count is known; and the Ashenhurst formula to calculate yarn diameter.

A table of average sizes for such items as scarves, table linens, etc.

Reed, knitting needles, and crochet hook tables.

Acid dyes: instructions for immersion dyeing, with interactive calculations for dye and chemicals.

Fiber Reactive dyes: same as acid dye sheet with instructions and formulas.

Conversions chart for all manner of measurements, e.g., pounds to kilos; inches to centimeters; Fahrenheit to centigrade.

The workbook is created in Excel, though it can be provided in formats for  other spreadsheet programs.

Use the interactive yarn calculation sheet at this site, receive the workbook as an email attachment; or purchase a CD. It's your choice.