Workshop:     2 1/2 or 3 days

Are you intrigued by some of those sometimes hard to pronounce and difficult to define weaves such as turned taqueté, samitum, diversified plain weave, lampas, and deflected double weave?

How about profile drafting, double two-tied threadings, and block substitution?  Do you wish to understand and utilize these concepts better?  And parallel threading-is it this that fascinates you?
A Weaver's Dozen is a fast-paced, round-robin style workshop where the number of weaves accomplished is limited solely by the number of participants and looms available.

Some workshop time is spent on lecture, but the emphasis is on weaving.

Explore weaves which you've always intended to get on your loom, but never quite managed.  And discover weaves you thought you'd enjoy that you now know you never ever want to do again!

Participants leave the workshop with a USB of more drafts in WIF format, weave descriptions, and woven samples.
A weaver's dozen is defined as the number of looms available for use in any one workshop!