A Weaver's Dozen
Conquer drafts and create exciting designs with ease!  Offered at 3 levels for absolute beginners through the very well season weavers.
Laptop & Looms
Precision Dyeing
"You wove that on only 4 shafts!" Round-robin format workshop weaving and learning designs of a less traditional nature.
100's of  samples of yarn in repeatable colors - that's precision dyeing with just 4 dyes, CMYK!
Up Through The Mill
Jin and Tonic
Double Weave: Straight, Divided, & Conquered
Parallel Paradox: the Corris Effect
Tie One On: tied threadings & treadlings
Fit 2 be Tied: Graphics design software meets double two-tie weaves
Online Courses
Online Courses
Weave design with the tools of our time. In depth courses when you want, where you want, and as often as you want. Basics; Shadow; DDW; Corris Effect . . . and more to come.
EW Design
Weavers Dozen
Weavers Dozen