Fit 2 be Tied
Designing 4 the future
A digital approach to designing double two-tie unit weaves.
Weft-faced designs graphed to represent what you actually weave.
by Paul R. O'Connor
Book 1 - Not Tied. Advanced e-weaving tutorials.
A digital weave primer in a step-by-step tutorial format.
E-designing for 4, 8, or more shafts!
2 be Tied book 1
Fit 2 be Tied
Weft-Faced Designs
Weft-Faced Designs
How 14 double weave tie ups grew and grew to hundreds.  By Paul R. O'Connor
More appropriately titled Color-and-Weave Effects. Probably the first book of weaving designs created on a computer. By Paul R. O'Connor
An interactive spreadsheet for calculating weaving yarn requirements, grew to a workbook of 6 spreadsheets all for weavers!
A Tale of 2 Tieups
A Twill of Your Choice
Yarn Calc Spreadsheet
Yarn Calc Spreadsheet